Exemplification Essay: Is Google Making USupid?

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I conceded that in some ways Google is making us stupid. For example, Carr said “The more they use the web, the more they have to fight to stay focused on long pieces of writing” (Carr pg733). For example, sometimes when looking up information it is not always reliable or creditable, one example would be Wikipedia people can change the information and the writing can become false information. Another major problem with google is social anxiety, people are not having face to face interaction with each other, making it harder to be social. One major problem with google is google makes you forget how to look up things manually in the library. We are relying too much on google instead of newspaper articles, magazines and encyclopedias and not any other resources we have instead of Google. Todays generation…show more content…
If we didn’t have the web, I think you would stay more focused on your writing. Without google one would be a more rounded person, not relying on google to help them do things the easy way. By relying on google you are not actually talking to a human like for example you would at a library, you can always ask someone at the library to help you find something. Google does not always have the right answers to everything either, for example, letting you use Wikipedia for a research paper. That is the one website you would want to avoid when writing a paper because people can change the information the website. So your paper would not have creditable sources in it. Personally id rather see the book in front of me than read a book online, I think it 's easier to read that way than on a tablet or a computer. One may be able to focus more reading from a book than a computer because you 're not distracted by other things you can on the internet such as social media. If you are in the library not using a computer, I think it 's less of a

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