Exemplification Essay: Michael Jordan As A Modern Hero

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According to the internet, a hero is a person who is idolized or looked up to for their outstanding achievements. For me a hero is person who gives of something for themselves to help the good of others tremendously. Throughout times the ideal hero has changed from war time heroes, to comic book and movie heroes. In today’s society it is more exciting to watch a man in tights pretend to save lives in a movie than a man or woman sacrificing their lives to keep this country strong and the people protected. I believe that it different throughout culture because it’s different from person to person. For instance many Americans think the Caitlyn Jenner is a hero for coming out and being something he really wanted to be, when I believe that an award for a hero should be for a person who actually does something for someone else or a community.
A contemporary hero is someone who is accomplishing achievements and being idolized in this present moment. Someone who would be a contemporary hero would be Cam Newton right now. Can Newton is
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Someone who I believe would be a historical hero would be Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan is arguable the best player that ever played in the National Basketball League. Throughout basketball today Michael is continuously brought up and compared to formal players in the NBA right now. Jordan is one of the few players to win six NBA titles and to also have his very own brand of clothing. Players still look up to him due to how successful he was in the NBA, there are references to him daily, whether it is during a television show, or a pickup basketball game at the YMCA. Therefore based on his historical achievements, thousands of people consider Jordan as a Chicago Bull’s hero. Based on the fact that Michael is one of the most famous people in the world from his sports accomplishments, I chose him as a historical
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