Exemplification Essay: Michael Jordan's Greatest Basketball Player

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If there was one person I could choose to be like, it would have to be Michael Jordan (MJ) in his prime. I want to ‘Be like Mike’ because he’s such an extraordinary and dominate person, being considered by many to be the greatest basketball player of all time. Michael is so determined, doing everything he can to win and always pushing his limits. MJ never gave up during his colossal career, causing him to gain success along with the respect of many. This legend of a man faced so many ordeals, however they just helped motivate himself to achieve what he has earned. For example, he was dropped from his high school basketball team, which lead him to work even harder to improve. Throughout his road to stardom, he constantly improved, always training and exceeding his limits. He was known for his initials ‘MJ’ in his time being a basketball superstar, which many people call him. MJ was one of the most fierce and competitive players in the NBA (National Basketball Association). Most of the players in the league were terrified of going against him. One of the most fascinating traits is his mindset, it’s unbelievable. MJ NEVER gives up, I wish I had his confidence. Being mesomorphic like him would be so…show more content…
He is involved with so many activities, and just an awe-inspiring guy. He is known by millions and inspired some of modern day’s best athletes. He sponsors athletes, owns the Charlotte Hornets, and is a role model to all the young basketball players. MJ’s mindset and capability lead to him reaching his full potential. This makes him a great role model and shows that you can do many things if you believe in yourself. He taught me to never give up no matter the difficulty. He is such a caring and a great person. He was incredible inside and outside the court. He showed great sportsmanship, even if his opponents weren’t too nice. He will always be one of or the greatest basketball player of all
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