Exemplification Essay: Painless Cost Control In Healthcare

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In my opinion, yes there is such a thing as "painless cost control." Healthcare professionals, insurance companies, and hospital administrators have contributed in making healthcare cost very high. That needs to be controlled because when some insurance companies pay for the fee for services while others pay for capitation or payment for Diem, that creates a lot of confusion and competition in the market leading physicians into a more specialized field and Primary care providers practices certain procedures in their interests which cost more money. Due to that, practices that increase Healthcare cost without creating any benefit for the patients, as well as the insurance companies and the population can be reduced as painless cost control by setting up a universal payment system to pay physicians, specialist, and hospitals. Doctors refer the patient for unnecessary diagnoses test and inappropriate procedures which create more health problems and unnecessary visit which create more cost. Since the unnecessary diagnostic tests use radiation…show more content…
Some of these extended stays in the hospital are not to provide the quality of care that the patients need nor the seriousness of the sickness. It is to claim for income since that is how hospitals get more pay from the insurance companies. And that is because most insurance companies and Medicaid focus on paying per day services instead of the itemized used and the quality of care provided. These only benefit the hospitals. It doesn 't bring any benefit to the insurance companies nor the patients. Rather some patients get more infections from staying long in the hospital which creates another high cost and health risks. Putting a stop to price inflation each year for physicians is a "painless cost control." In my opinion, price inflation for doctors should only take place when there is general inflation in the

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