Exemplification Essay: The 9/11 Attacks

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The day started out just like any other regular day In New York. Kids going to school, adults rushing to work, everyone was happy. Then everything changed. People running from from their work sites, kids rushing back home from school, everyone calling their friends and family. If you didn't see what happened, you heard it. If you didn't hear it, then you heard about it on the radio or from the TV or maybe you were even informed from a phone call. Cries and screams pierced the air. News channels scattered everywhere trying to get the latest updates. When a plane flew in to the first tower it caused a burst of black smoke to fill the air. Chaos instantly spread throughout the country like a wildfire. Nobody could believe any of this. Nothing like this had ever happened before. New York's very own twin towers were the first thing you saw when flying in to the city. How could a plane hit something so tall? Why would a plane even be flying low enough to hit the buildings? None of it made any sense. Was it just an accident? Was it intentional and planned? Who would even plan something like that? Nobody had the answers to these questions. No one wanted to face the facts and believe that it could possibly be a terrorist attack on the United States. Everyone tried to figure out what was going on when they …show more content…

In the background, another plane could be heard and seen hurling toward and finally in to the second building. Sirens blared throughout the city. Hundreds of firefighters and policemen ran through the buildings, trying to find a way to get on to the higher floors and get those people out. Many people rushed down the stairs, in to the lobby and out on to the streets. Firefighters attempted to help as many people escape as possible. Many of them knew that they wouldn't make it out, but they kept going. They risked their life just to try and save

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