Exemplification Essay: The American Dream

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The American dream is like food; it is a subjective desire constructed based on the individual. Everyone has their own flavor and idea on how it should be made. With such variance in ambition, it is an exercise in futility to attempt to define a ubiquitous goal. In general, however, the American dream is to have enough money to support yourself, be responsible for nothing, and to answer to no one. Money is the gateway to happiness, and the pinnacle of that is income that is passively earned. Passive income is money earned from investments like rent from a property or interest from an account. It permits self-reliance and autonomy by granting access to “fuck you money”, which Dutch psychologist Manfred Kets De Vries defined in his book titled Sex, Money, Happiness, and Death, as making those who possess it “invincible, in control, and can get out of any situation they don’t like.” This means that people in possession of “fuck you money” have the ability to quit their job when their boss gets grouchy. It doesn’t mean they have an inordinate amount of wealth, but enough to live the rest of their life unconcerned of their next paycheck. Work related responsibility hinders …show more content…

As stated by Matthias Benz and Bruno. S. Frey, “self-employed people are substantially more satisfied with their work than the employed” and that “higher job satisfaction among the self-employed can be directly attributed to the greater independence and autonomy they enjoy”. This positive correlation implicates that tasks an employee find no enjoyment in end up being worse for both the employer and employee. Furthermore, an overwhelming fear of job loss negatively affects bosses, and according to a study by Harvard psychologist Daniel Goleman, that fear is mimicked by the employees under him or her. The negative affect that comes about when the boss’s fear increases or their morale decreases can be completely erased by

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