Exemplification Essay: The Death Of Lindsay Lohan

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For Lindsay Lohan, it was all nothing but regret. Once again, Lindsay made the headlines in showbiz. However, this is something different and painful than you 've ever imagined. If you 're going to have the guts to see these graphic and horrifying images, you can search that on Google if you want. If not, perhaps you might need to know the truth behind the latest incident that Lindsay Lohan is right now. For the past several years, Lindsay was arrested due to several violations that she had committed for good. Right now, it 's not because she had violated something, but it 's kind of painful for her to see this one. If you 're of those who are concerned about Lindsay Lohan 's status, this is the time that you need to express your true feelings for her. Recently, it was one of the worst experiences that Lindsay Lohan had as of today. The 30-year old actress and…show more content…
Lindsay didn 't expect this to happen when she 's in a boat. She 's supposed to have a charity work and was halted due to her finger issue. It was a successful surgery by her doctor in re-attaching her damaged finger. To clarify things up, her finger was not chopped, but it was ripped off. She posted on her Instagram account with her hand that includes a bandaged finger. She can 't move her ring finger very well. Not only that, she can 't use her left hand most of the time. As a result, she had no choice but to take some selfies and updates with her right hand only. Anyway, it 's just temporary and she will be fine. She 's already fine now and feels energized after the surgery. Before this happened, Lindsay Lohan was the popular star of a movie known as Herbie. It is a "sports bug" where she redefined her career as a racer. However, there are obstacles that she needs to pass because of her dad prohibiting her from racing. Herbie wasn 't just an ordinary sports bug, but it has "feelings" and can move freely on his own. At the end of the day, Herbie successfully won the Grand Prix with Lindsay Lohan
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