Exemplification Essay: The Problems With AA Meetings

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Fabian Castaneda Mrs.Kehrmeyer Contemp. Comp April 25, 2015 The Problems With AA AA meetings are for people who are struggling with alcoholism which means they have an addiction to the consumption of alcoholic liquor or the mental illness and compulsive behavior resulting from alcohol dependency. I believe that these meetings are not helpful and in some cases cause harm the people who are trying to change and no longer alcoholics or drug addicts. These meetings do not have high success rates in fact they have very low rates. They have a 12 percent success rate for people who are sober for ten years and these meetings also have a very high depression and suicide rates because of their 12 step program. The AA meetings limit their success target only alcoholics as its main priority and unless you have a problem with alcohol you cannot be a member of the AA. I believe that if you have any type of addiction you deserve the help you need especially if you are looking for a change and want to better yourself. These AA…show more content…
The people in charge of these meetings do not care for their members and do not care where they end up in the future and that makes it difficult for members to want to continue to change because they feel as if nobody cares whether they change or not. People need to be motivated to make a change you cannot motivate somebody by showing you dont care if they change or not if the person who is trying to make a change sees that these people from the AA meetings actually check up on them to see if they are doing good or doing better than they will be motivated to make a change because they feel as if they matter now. The meetings do not keep attendance that means it does not matter to them whether you show up or not they do not care if you make a change or not and they do not care if you are struggling with anything other than alcohol you will not receive the type of help you

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