Exemplification Essay: The Transition Of A Girl

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From the time she is born, she is crowned a girl. In that delivery room begins contrast between womanhood and girlhood. A woman births a girl, but there are questions to be asked here in this room full of contrast. When did that woman transition from girl to woman? When will that girl complete her metamorphosis and be crowned a woman? That hospital room just became the setting of a new chapter. A woman has many personalities and quite a bit of duties as Queen. She has an abundance of job descriptions. She is "life giver" and, if you make her mad enough, "life taker". A woman is meant to be poise and polite, but also take a stand and speak her mind just like Michelle Obama, who is strong and never backs down. Her schedule is meant to be as flexible as Gabby Douglas, always tumbling. She is as honest as Abe and as reliable as your favorite hair tie. Most importantly a woman is a mother and…show more content…
She 's always being taken care of no matter the circumstances. Always being silly so she 's never reliable. One might say she 's to grown or "fast" for her own good. Never taken seriously so her opinions don 't matter. She is materialistic and wants everything just because she can get it. A girl is always trying to have a "sleepover " at her friend house ,or so she says; so you can never believe her intentions are honest. She 's just a girl so why does it matter? Girl and woman. Woman and girl. The contrasts are clear to see between the two. A woman is independent, resourceful, reliable, and strong. They don 't care for what others say nor do they care about how they are perceived. A woman has no need for the finer things because she can appreciate the smaller things unlike a girl who thrives off of new and popular everything. A girl craves positive attention and would have a panic attack if she were given anything but that. She 's use to everything being handed to her. A woman and girl both are very different especially in their lifestyles and

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