Exercise 1 Physics Lab Report

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Exercise 2 began with measuring the milliliters needed to fill a coffee mug and measuring the liters in a gallon. Then we went to the sink and filled a graduated cylinder with 70 ml of water and then placed a pencil in the water. Our lab partner, Temi had to use both of her hands to push the pencil in the water in order to completely submerge it, because it kept floating upward. After completing these steps, we then calculated and recorded the volume. Once we finished this, we then repeated steps (a-d) to measure and record the rock 's volume. Next, we proceeded to the next set of steps in exercise 2. Before completing the next steps, we obtained a pipette with a bulb, a 100-ml beaker, and a 10-ml graduated cylinder. Once obtaining our materials, we were then ready to complete the steps. First, we removed some water from the graduated cylinder. Then, we used the pipette to slowly add the water we removed to the 10-ml graduated cylinder. In adding the water, we did it one drop at a time, so it took us a few minutes to complete. Afterwards, we then answered the questions and moved along to Exercise 3.…show more content…
Once we read, we then obtained the materials needed, which were an electrical balance, a nickel, golf ball, pencil, rock, an empty 100 ml beaker and a 100-ml beaker containing 50 ml of water. After obtaining our materials, we turned on the balance and set it to weigh in grams. Then, we "zeroed" the balance and began placing each object on the balance. While placing each object on the balance, our lab partner, Sandra recorded the weights. Eventually, we finishing weighing each object, recording their weights and then we began converting the recorded measurements to the English system and calculating the density. Because Exercise 3 had several steps, we spent ample time analyzing and redoing steps to get our measurements precise as

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