Exercise 36: Discussion Questions

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Exercise 36 1 I have a bad habit of run-on sentences and punctuation. 2 After looking at the muzzle of the gun, I saw the only alternatives were to run or to plead for mercy. 3 He left school because he couldn 't keep up with the assignments, the teachers hated him, and he felt bored. 4 The cat climbed up the hill and over the fence. 5 He planned to change jobs or retire to the country. 6 The book had a dull plot, witless characters, and a predictable ending after the third chapter. 7 Having taken down the license number and now following the car, the detective was ready to close in on the murderer. 8 Sometimes I feel as though l 'm badgered by my boss, ignored by my husband, and abandoned by my best friend. Exercise 37 1 I remember the cold, stark evenings with the icicles pointing downward from the eaves, my body…show more content…
2 I can 't help laughing at the fashions of my college days, when the girls wore knee socks and loafers, and the boys decked themselves out in tweed jackets and challis ties. 3 Too many students come to San Francisco State only for to have fun, to find a partner, or to put off the idea of getting a job. 4 Her job as assistant director involved selecting props, prompting actors, and casting extras. 5 I wanted to not only travel to Paris but also visit London. 6 Those taggers who continue to deface private property will find themselves reimbursing the cost of the damages to the owner, serving twenty-five hours of community service, and paying $100 fine to help pay for graffiti removal. 7 Stress can cause low self-esteem, total frustration, sleep deprivation, nervous breakdowns, or eventually suicide. 8 With determination, energy, and eloquent speaking, Martin Luther King led the Civil Rights Movement until the moment of his untimely death. 9 Elvira finds it easier to write poetry than design elaborate stage sets. 10 Your adviser familiarizes you with the policies of the college and the selection of courses that will satisfy the requirements of your
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