Glucose, Insulin And Diabetes Mellitus Lab Report

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Exercise 4, Activity 2: Plasma Glucose, Insulin, and Diabetes Mellitus By: Kelsey Clark Anatomy & Physiology II–CL7 Dr. Bruner February 20, 2018 INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE: The endocrine system helps regulate homeostasis by producing and secreting hormones. When talking about Plasma Glucose, Insulin, and Diabetes Mellitus, the endocrine organ that is involved is the pancreas. The pancreas produces Glucagon and Insulin. These two hormones help regulate plasma glucose, also referred to as blood glucose, levels. Glucagon increases blood glucose and Insulin decreases blood glucose levels. When blood glucose levels are too low, Glucagon sends a message for the glycogen to be broken down into glucose to be released into the blood.…show more content…
Tube 1 had 1 drop, tube 2 had 2, and each tube after had an additional drop until tube 5. Next, deionized water was placed in each tube. Tube one had 4 drops; tube 2 had 3 drops and the pattern continued until tube 5. After each tube was filled with the glucose and deionized water, the contents were mixed and centrifuged. After the tubes were centrifuged, any pellets formed during the process were removed. 5 drops of Enzyme color reagent was put into each test tube and then incubated. During the incubation process, the tubes were agitated to evenly mix all the contents in the tube. Following incubation, the spectrophotometer was heated up to prepare for sample readings. Each tube was then dragged into the spectrophotometer to be analyzed. A data point for each analyzed tube was placed on the graph to show the optical density and glucose concentrations. After graphing this data, part two needed to be completed. To start, 5 different test tubes were filled with 3 drops of 5 different patients blood followed by 5 drops of deionized water. Next, 5 drops of Barium Hydroxide was placed in each tube to clear proteins and cell membranes for an accurate reading could be made. Blood Clots also interfere with the readings of glucose, so 1 drop of Heparin was placed in each tube to prevent blood clots. The tubes were mixed and centrifuged. After, the pellets were removed, 5 drops of Enzyme Color Reagent went into

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