Benefits Of Exercise During Pregnancy Essay

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Exercise during Pregnancy
Exercise during pregnancy has many benefits. Women, who were not very active prior to their pregnancy, can engage in a fitness program after consulting with their physician. However, there are many recommended guidelines and precautions which help to maintain health while also reduce exercise risks specifically pertaining to pregnancy.

The many benefits of exercising during pregnancy include: decreased risk of long-time obesity and diabetes higher energy levels improved posture improved muscle tone, strength and endurance possibly faster and easier delivery reduced recovery time after pregnancy reduced backaches reduced bloating and swelling

At the same time there are many prospects of harming oneself or the baby
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Ligaments and joints become slacker and mobile during pregnancy due to hormonal changes, therefore, vigorous stretching should be avoided.

The main exercise modes deemed beneficial and safe during pregnancy are walking, stationary cycling, and swimming. Women who were participating in resistance training prior to pregnancy should continue to do so. Light to moderate weights with high repetitions can also be used (e.g. 12-15 reps) to maintain muscle activity, however at the same time, preventing excessive stress on ligaments and joints. Weight training should emphasize improving tone, especially in the upper body and abdominal area, however, lifting weights above your head and using weights that strain the lower back muscles should be avoided.

Activities such as racquet sports, basketball, and softball should be avoided because they can increase the strain on muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and may also be a risk for the baby (e.g. ball hitting the abdomen). For many of the same reasons, all high-impact (contact) activities should be
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