Exercise And Emotions Essay

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Exercise has been shown to have effects on one’s mood and emotions. Acute and chronic exercise can have effects on an individual’s mood and emotions. Exercise is a way an individual can deal with negative emotions such as anger, bodily tension or jitteriness and can help enhance positive emotions like happiness, calmness, and liveliness while also increasing energy. The effects on exercise can be seen both immediately after exercise with general mood and emotion improvement and after chronic exercise such as decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Two exercise bouts were performed both focusing around compound leg lifts, one exercise bout was performed at 60% 1 rep-max capacity and one exercise bout was performed at 80% 1 rep-max capacity…show more content…
A study conducted by Herring and O’Connor (2009) found that feelings of energy improved and feelings of fatigued decreased after sedentary females preformed one exercise session at 70% of their one rep max. Theses increased feelings were seen both during and after the exercise session. The type of exercise an individual performs can affect how much of a mood change the person experiences. An exercise that a person is confident in preforming and enjoys can cause a greater increase in mood change. This was the case with my experience, both exercise session I preformed compound leg movements, these are my favorite types of movement to preform and I also very confident in my ability to preform them which is why there is such a large jump in my mood. The intensity of an exercise session can also affect the changes in an individual’s moods, many individuals find lower intensity workouts more enjoyable and thus experience a greater mood change than if they were doing the same workout at a higher intensity. In my findings it is the opposite that is true. I had a greater mood change after preforming the higher intensity workout then I did when I preformed it at

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