Exercise Induced Asthma

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I. Asthma is a condition where the lungs narrow to nearly half the normal size when someone is tense. Exercise-induced asthma is a type of asthma where most triggers and symptoms come from strenuous activity. Something as small as not stretching correctly, can be a cause to an asthma attack, but they can also be caused by personal emotions like stress or anxiety. Exercise-induced asthma is an increasingly diagnosed condition which is influenced by poor air quality and has numerous triggers including cold air and environmental allergens.

II. There are a number of symptoms for asthma so testing for it is not very challenging.

A. Asthma symptoms can appear in many different forms or can be caused by varying reasons.
1. Symptoms can be noticed
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Other symptoms of poor air quality can include having a rapid heart rate, prolonged expiration, and tightness of the chest.
2. Cold air and poor air quality causes the lungs to have to work harder than usual, because it gets harder to control the air.

IV. Studies have shown that eating fruit can help lower the severity of asthma attacks.

A. One study has shown that the higher the quantity of fruits someone eats, the less likely they are of having a severe asthma attack.
B. Nearly 70 percent of Olympic cross-country skiers have exercise-induced asthma, due to the air conditions.
1. Many that do have exercise-induced asthma have said that eating fruit helps to lower the severity of their attacks.
C. Certain fruits contain a chemical called Quercetin, which helps with inflammation in someone's airways.
1. Inflammatory airways are just when someone's lungs are clogged from an asthmatic trigger.

V. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can help contain exercise-induced asthma.

A. Eating on a healthy diet can reduce inflammation, which is when someone's lungs narrow severely.
1. Certain foods such as apples, bananas, grapes, and oranges, can help to reduce the severity of
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By living a healthy lifestyle, monitoring symptoms of asthma, and having more control of the actual attacks become easier.
1. When someone has an asthma attack plan and they know what to do when their asthma gets severe, it becomes easier to control.
C. Herbalism and Homeopathy are starting to take part in exercise-induced asthma relief.
1. Herbalism is the study of using herbs to help with medical purposes.
a. Some doctors give certain recipes for tea, usually the recipes have certain allergens to help with inflammation.
2. Homeopathy is a method of treating a certain condition with a small dose of the actual problem.
a. The doctors give very small doses at first, the idea is to make the patient more immune to it.
b. For exercise-induced asthma, doctor or physical trainers give someone specific workouts to do every day, to slowly build up stamina.

VI. Exercise-induced asthma death rates continue to climb.

A. Some experts believe that the death rates are related to poor air quality.
1. The rates continuing to climb show no signs of slowing down.
B. Some scientists believe that other reasons for the dramatic rise in severe cases could be that children are not getting appropriate asthmatic

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