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There is a greater perception of “being in control” of a situation with increase in the perception of resources and opportunity, obstacles and/or impediments surrounding participation in exercise. With/Without the ability to exercise daily we must consider is it merely the idea of older adults that keep them from exercise? No, as previously stated the problems older adults potentially face on a daily basis. Nicholson (2004: pg. 21) writes the policy on older adults and physical activity in Scotland as “largely cross-cutting in nature and involves many different departments and wider organisations”. How would we promote exercise intervention to the disabled and elderly in the most accessible way?

As queried before is it merely
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1225) cites (Johnston, French, Bonetti, & Johnston, 2004; Ogden, 2003) stating that the TRA “is one of the most frequently used models of human behaviour employed in health psychology research”. Madden, Ellen & Ajzen’s (1992:pg. 8) paper on TPB vs TRA, used a method of testing for their two hypothesis, the first; how the inclusion of “perceived behavioural control” would “significantly enhance” the ability to predict intentions and target behaviour. Compared to the second hypothesis which was further enhancement of the first hypothesis “enhancement in the predictions of target behaviours” and how they “related” to the magnitude of PBC. Concluding in their study that the support that separate measurements or beliefs of a practitioner have, influence their attitude and desire to perform/partake in an activity. Concluding finally the underwhelming fact that “the TPB is an extension of the TRA”. They quote that Ajzen and Madden (1986) research was “the first to complete testing of the theory of planned behaviour”. Connor and Norman (2005: pg. 170) highlight the validity of both methods (TRA/TPB) towards the overall goal “Both models are considered deliberative processing models that imply that people’s attitudes are formed after careful consideration of the available
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