Weight Loss Exercise Analysis

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It is not necessary at all to go to gyms and do some heavy exercises to lose weight. Forget the costly fancy equipment and consider the natural ways that work best with amazing results in getting strong and healthy body without excessive pounds of fat. The exercises are proven and very effective with promising results. The basic thing to remember regarding body work outs is to keep doing them regularly at a medium pace. The most important exercises related to the weight loss are described in the following text: Crunches: The crunches are good exercises to lose weight in less time with increases strength of abdominal muscles. These mainly affect the abdominal part, which is the main depot of fat. In order to practice crunches, lie flat on…show more content…
It also strengthens the muscles of chest, arms and shoulders. To perform the push-ups, place your hands flat on the ground surface and extend your legs in a way that only toes of feet touch the ground. Lower your chest slowly towards the ground level till your chest touches the ground slightly. After continuing this posture for a few seconds, push your body up by straightening your arms and repeat the steps multiple times. Don’t overdo yourself and perform to the comfortable…show more content…
It is somewhat kind of like squats. It is quite helpful as it builds the leg muscles. To do this exercise, slowly slide your back down on a wall till your thighs are parallel to the ground. In this position, your knees ought to be above your ankles. Whereas keeping your back straight, remain in this posture for about half a second. Then stand up and repeat after some time. Walking Lunge: To do the walking lunge exercise, place your feet apart and keep your arms along the body sides. Use your right foot to step forward and bend the left knee meanwhile. The left knee should bend to about 90 degrees as you step forward with right foot. The right knee should be in line with the ankle and don’t let the right knee pass over the right toes. Do it once and stand up again. Switch over the feet and perform the steps again. Developing a routine for body weight exercises: It is very important to make a plan for exercises so that the exercises are done in an oriented and result demanding manner. Random and irregular exercises will not do any good to you as far as weight reduction is considered. We are providing you a sample plan so that you can get some help from it while making a schedule for

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