Exile In Brave New World Analysis

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Huxley presents exile through the action of characters unhappy with society where, ironically, everybody is full of content and nobody is an individual. In this case he presents exile through John “The Savage”. Rejected from every culture he discovers, allows John to have a genuine perspective of the world he lives in. This settings allows john to have a truthful and different evaluation of societies’ traditions. Only through an exile that the world’s problems are fully discovered. John was modeled to be strange when he was first introduced into the novel (Huxley #117). By reading the book you will learn that John is different from all the Native Americans. He is white skinned compared to their tannish skin. Those are not the only divergents,…show more content…
This is when Huxley flips things around. In this new setting John is still an outsider. The new setting is a city instead of a village. However, John is an focus of interest instead of hate. This is mostly due to the fact that his father is the director. Towards the end John realizes that he hates this new world and rejects society himself. This discovering displays compelling points. The readers should know that the theme in Brave New World is cultural decline. They don’t have any religious activities instead they just enjoy drinking soma and participating in orgy porgy. With all these details about ethics and value, what does the significance of John add? he adds background. Without John or any others that are like him that exemplifies true human properties, Huxley’s message would be hypothetical. When you are reading the book, you are reading it at a perspective through John, well I do, because he is the most similar to us. Some people might say that they are like Bernard who also sees the flaws in the society, but Bernard is bipolar due to the fact he changed his opinions once he was accepted by society. These are reasons that makes John the most important character to understand. He is the social context the readers uses to judge
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