Exile Julia Alvarez

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Exile Literary Analysis

Unknown wonders do not always have to be a bad thing. The same thing can also be said for unknown sacrifices. Sometimes in life sacrifices must be made to better yourself or, your family, country, friends, and many other things. However, all sacrifices are different whether it be a small or big difference, For Julia Alvarez, having to flee her home and country was not an easy sacrifice to make, but considering the absolutely horrible things the dictator at the time was doing in Ciudado Trujllio the sacrifice her family made for her more than likely saved her life.

The father in the poem “Exile” known as “Papi” creates quite a frantic and, suspicious tone in the beginning of the poem along with the help of multiple other characters like, ‘Mami” and the Uncles. Looking on page 256 line 6 Papi is written as having “worried whispers” whilst speaking to his brothers. At this point since Papi told the girls that they were going to beach in line 2 when he is whispering, worried at that, it immediately tells the reader that “something is up”. If
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These quotes contradict the earlier quotes but they reveal that the family is indeed not going to the beach. The next quote that indicates a paradox is on page 257, line 37, “At the dark, deserted airport we waited” A paradox is created here because this line completely contradicts every quote before it for example on page 256 line 15 it states, “A week at the beach so Papi can get some rest.” but now we are waiting in a dark empty airport. These details prove that what “Mami”, “Papi”, and “the uncles” have said will happen, in reality is not actually happening, but it is not a bad
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