Albert Camus And Existentialism Essay

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Albert Camus was one of the leading thinkers and believers of the Absurd. The philosophical movement shares much of the same traits as Existentialism. For a long time humans have tried to find the meaning to life and have examined the purpose and objective of our existence. Either they have concluded that this life is meaningless, or they have taken comfort in some faith and religious belief such as the existence of God or a higher power. Camus concluded that a life has no purpose. He refused to accept that there is meaning beyond any existence and successfully conveys this belief through Meursault. ‘The Outsider’ is organized into two parts, in which the central event, the shooting of the Arab and trial takes place in between the two parts.…show more content…
His fine eye for detail is frequently shown as he describes every inch of his surrounding in great vividness. From the “smell of petrol”, “the glare of the sky”, and “the rustling sound “to” the taste of the white coffee”. His refined sensory perceptions are metaphorical representations of Camus’ belief that one should live life to the full consciousness of it. Thorough descriptions provide the reader with a photographic image of every event and conversation. He tells only what he is thinking and perceiving, and does not interrupt with commentary. By narrating the story this way, the reader is also drawn into Meursault’s perspective. The audience feels the absurdity of the events. As an outsider he is ignorant, yet so focused on everything around him. For example during the funeral, Meursault is far more affected by the discomfort of the heat than the thought of burying his mother. He is portrayed as emotionless, detached from the basic human experiences of love and affection. His relationship with Marie is another example. Meursault is enjoying the physical company of Marie. He notices that she “looked very beautiful”, which suggests that he is mainly interested in the physical appeal of her. Furthermore, when she asks Meursault if he loved her, he replied that “love didn't mean anything and he probably didn't

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