Existentialism In Beowulf

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Existentialism in the Real World

As my high school saga comes to a satisfactory conclusion, I am left feeling very accomplished, educated, and rounded as an individual. And as I prepare for life beyond high school, I do feel a little worried. How could it get better than this? The great friends, the great moments, all the school activities and events. There’s no way things could get better right? I mean high school is suppose to be the best time of your life isn’t it? But that’s when I realized there’s no certain era that is the “best time of your life”. For the best time of your life can be any time you make it that.

Before I entered high school, it wasn’t suppose to be the best time of my life. I was shy, didn’t have many friends,
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Why was Beowulf so keen and ready to take on the legendary dragon even in his old age? Yes, he was a beast warrior but without the backup and confidence of his pals and kingdom he would never be able to climb such a mountain. Beowulf showed courage, honor, and gave everybody who knew him a reason to call him a friend. And that’s a great way to live in my perspective. Beowulf wasn’t just a powerful king, he was the people’s king. And going on after high school I’d say there isn’t a better playbook to live by than that of the mighty Beowulf. Strange how such old books and stories can have such a timelessly relatable…show more content…
Reflecting back I don’t think there’s a single thing I’d change, from the very few bad times, to all the great times of laughter and pure awesomeness. High school has been fun, and I am going to miss it, but although my time at Skyview is over, it is only up to me if the fun never ends. I’ll miss the sports, winning a state championship, going to class and all the inside jokes, playing sports that I’ve never played before and making new friends with all sorts of amazing people. But most of all I’ll probably miss my friends, and all the weird stuff they say and do and how awesome they make every moment that would otherwise be not nearly as cool. Yes, I will miss them. Until of course we all buy out a neighborhood and live the rest of our lives in the same coldesac. Boom,
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