Existentialism In Chitre's 'Mumbai-A Song'

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assumes toward himself and reality are accordingly, the different identities or points of view that figure in his life. Chitre 's quest is existentialist. He finds his own meaning independent of the traditional concepts and their meaning. Chitre 's “Mumbai-A Song” reveals an alienation and attempt to use poetry as a means of holding together an otherwise fragmented reality— Like a poem this city, the garbled relic of some one 's empire The remaining Voice now peopled by estranged millions.(58) Bombay here is a symbol of the modern Indian chaos resulting from contact with the west and of ‘ Man 's estrangement from a man made world’. Gieve Patel, who has published two volumes of poetry, Poems and How do you Withstand Body, stands with the younger generation of poets who can be held to have a modern sensibility. He is, although occasionally, insightful of the complex human condition and understands human failings, hypocrisies and wickedness which today 's modern society is filled with. In “Public Works” he expresses, Polished Chrome crashing down in rust heaps; And fire places all over the city Choking in witness; electric grills Losing their electric glow, kerosene stoves Expiring with a hiss, the ashes of coal fires pasty and dark Turning inward to quench the Coals. (13) Patel 's excellent poems derive much of their strength from the way he is strongly aware of local conditions of life without getting himself involved in the process. A.K. Ramanujan is charged for his

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