Existentialism In John Green's The Fault In Our Stars

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According to the fictional character of John Green’s critically acclaimed novel, The Fault in Our Stars, “the world is not a wish granting factory.” (Green: 2013). The following statement highlights the arbitrary nature of life by establishing a metaphor between the generalized “world” and the wish granting organization embedded within the novel. Correspondingly, it suggests that while this organization strives for the fulfilment of particular wishes of cancer patients, the world however does not. Therefore, creating the contrasting comparison between the two that ultimately renders the world to be partial. Furthermore, it serves to indicate an extremist’s understanding of the concept or notion that is existentialism, which may be defined as…show more content…
This essay, primarily offers a concise synopsis of a film, more specifically The Fault in Our Stars, which depicts various themes and elements of the above-mentioned philosophy. Furthermore, through this synopsis various aspects of the narrative is identified as relevant to further discussions. Subsequent is to this is a critical engagement with the salient features of existentialism in reference to the above-mentioned novel as well as the film adaptation. Consequently, this leads to an analysis of the film, which illustrates the extent to which it reflects the existentialist pursuits of revolt, passion and freedom. Ultimately, a conclusion may be offered that suggests how the narrative of the film relates to the phenomenon of globalization and the current environmental crisis while referencing various texts as well as conclusively suggests an appropriate personal recommendation in relational to the philosophical deficits that are highlighted, which may be imminently applicable. This is done with the intention and purpose of illustrating the philosophy of existentialism within The Fault in Our
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