Summary: The Fault In Our Stars

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4.1: Introduction: The 4th chapter of my thesis is data analysis; here I discuss furthermore about my thesis topic character psyche and existentialism in the novel in perspective of existentialism theory. Since I have talked much about it, in variety of different references of original text, in 2nd and 3rd chapters. Herein, I analyze the general understanding of my thesis. 4.2: Understanding of main element of existentialism (meaning of life and aim of life) : This novel is an teenager novel and it focuses on meaning and aim of life. Hazel grace is a sixteen years old suffering from terminal cancer and she left her school and her parents are taking care of her, they force her to attend support group daily in order to relief herself. One day she meet with augustus waters and they both become friends and going to Amsterdam where they fall in love witheach other and have emotional…show more content…
Its all about human existence. 4.3: Hazel is selfless: Hazel, the protagonist of The Fault in Our Stars, says something wonderful about books early on in her story. Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. Often, Hazel thinks of others before herself. She’s in remission, but her thyroid cancer threw mets to her lungs, and they donot work well anymore. In short, she continually battles internal drowning. She knows her parents have suffered because of her cancer and that they will grieve when she dies. However, she avoids making new friends because she considers herself “a grenade, ” and she doesn’t want to inflict any more damage than necessary. When she first meets the dashing Augustus, she resists his affection because she doesn’t want him to be another victim when she dies. Fortunately for Hazel, and for us, Augustus
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