Existentialism In The Metamorphosis

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Metamorphosis is book by Franz Kafka its about a man Gregor Samsa who sacrifices himself working to pay his father 's debts his personality is bad because of his family are bad.One day Gregor Samsa wakes up and transformed to disgusting bug he totally abrupt and unexplained a transformation that happen to him.Kafka’s novel The Metamorphosis reflects the ideals about industrialisation and existentialism during the turn of the century. In the novella, Gregor turns into a bug, and the whole family has to deal with it in different ways. Many characters go through a metamorphosis in the novella. Although the changes may not be physical the changes occurred greatly in Gregor, Mr. Samsa, and Grete. Gregor 's life before the metamorphosis was limited to working and caring for his family. As a traveling salesman, Gregor worked long, hard hours that left little time to experience. He reflects on his life acknowledging the plague of traveling of changing trains, the ever changing faces, never to be seen again, people with whom one has no chance to be friendly. The family had never respected Gregor for his love, but only for his money. In addition to being the only innocent character in the book, I believe Gregor handled this change of lifestyle pretty well. Although he died a depressed bug, I cannot help but place myself in his position. My absolute hate for bugs would drive me crazy if I woke up to be one. I don’t think I would have survived life as a bug for
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