Albert Bandura Social Cognitive Theory

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Moreover Viktor Frankl the father of “logotherphy” which is an existential approach to counseling. That maladjustment is seen in attempt to establish some meaningfulness to one’s existence. That human are motivated primarily by a desire for identity. He believe that the individual write their own life story by the choices that they make. That Psychopathology is defined by existentialists as neglecting to make meaningful choices and accentuating one’s potential the anxiety is seen as the motivational force that helps the clients to reach their potential. Conversely, anxiety is also seen as the paralyzing force that prevents clients from reaching their full potential. Therefore, through awareness, this anxiety can be helpful in living…show more content…
Develop self-¬awareness to promote potential, freedom, and commitment to better life choicest and to help the client develop an internal frame of reference.
The different techniques use in existential counseling is the relationship with the client. Confrontation is used by existential counselors, when they challenge the clients with their own responsibility for their lives. Furthermore Albert Bandura “ Social Cognitive theory states that behavior, environment and person/cognitive factor are all important in understanding personality. Bandura coined the term reciprocal determinism to describe the way behavior, environment, and person cognitive factors interact to create personality. The environment can determine a person’s behavior, and the person can act to change the environment. Some of the important process and variables that Bandura use to understand personality is the Observational Learning that he believe that this is a key aspect of how we learn. Through this process we form ideas about the behavior of others and then possibly adopt this behavior ourselves. Also on a Personal Control social cognitive theorists emphasize that we can regulate and control our own behavior, despite our changing environment (Bandura, 2006: Mischel
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The common term “guidance counseling” was coined as a way of melding the mental health and career/college preparation purposes of the profession into one phrase. But even that term is not without controversy. Though in wide use, many in the profession bristle at the title “guidance counselor” preferring instead to be called a “school counselor.” Thus School counseling practice has undergone a transformation similar to the experience of the academic disciplines. The concept of deep restructuring is a matter of drawing up an appropriate vision of human potential and of aiming for the stars (Hillard,
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