Exit Through The Gift Shop Essay

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Although Exit Through the Gift Shop was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, it is a mockumentary that tricks millions of people because it has several contradictory plots, Guetta has an evasive attitude about this documentary and Fairey’s answer is also suspicious. There is a lot of contradictory plots that make people feel susceptive about the authenticity of this document. Firstly, Banksy is a person who is very protective of his secret identity so when he appears in the documentary, his face is covered up to protect his identity. Although Banksy was very famous and successful in the field of street art but he still keeps his secret identity so no one knows who he is. What people know is his awesome work. Is it a little bit suspicious that why would Banksy work with a flake like Guetta? It increases his exposure in front of the public. More people may even want to find out who he is and even bring some troubles to his life. Besides, it is also a little bit strange that a person like Shepard Fairey who was already famous in the field of street art would willingly associate with a unknown film portray. So people has a hypothesis that maybe Guetta…show more content…
That’s the reason why many people think that actually Guetta is acting. When Guetta was been asked directly whether his Mr Brainwash persona is an artificial construction concocted by Banksy and his team. He was evasive in his response. What’s more, at the time of this documentary release in 2010, Guetta refused to attend any premiere or give interviews to the press, which added fuel to speculation that Mr. Brainwash was a Banksy invention. People guess that the reason why Guetta is so evasive is that he was acting in the documentary and he has no really understanding about Mr. Brainwash’s work so he is afraid of giving himself away when he is answering the questions from the
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