Who Is Mohsin Hamid's Exit West?

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Exit West by Mohsin Hamid is told through the third-person perspective, and starts with the two main characters, Saeed and Nadia, in a class on corporate branding. Although Nadia at first refuses Saeed’s flirtations, they later go out for coffee and have a good time. Nadia invites Saeed back to her house, where they smoke weed and hold hands. Saeed lives with his parents, and Nadia lives in a studio apartment alone because she chose not to live with her parents. As the militants begin to take over and the violence in the city begins and a curfew starts , Nadia and Saeed begin to meet during the day. Nadia spends her lunch hours stocking up on supplies, while Saeed brings her supplies like a kerosene stove and candles. After Saeed’s mother is shot by a random bullet, Nadia and Saeed are determined to leave the country. Saeed’s father refuses to leave with them,so they leave without him, but Nadia promises to protect his son and keep…show more content…
I liked the main character Nadia, she was strong and independent and always had the right choices to make. The ending was kind of confusing because I was surprised that the two characters did not end up together, but maybe it was best. My opinion about SAeed was that he was not as strong and powerful as Nadia. If I were Said, I would have wanted to have been with Nadia earlier. But, in the end, it all worked out because both characters were happy with their own lives and grateful to get out of their original home country. I thought this book was intense and a suspicious read. I never knew really what was going to happen next with the “secret doors” and where they could take you. The dystopian refugee story was a hook and I thought it was political and fun story to read with some romance. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys an easy read with a big plot. People who like thrills and romance might like this book as
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