Exothermic Reactions Lab Report

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This project used four different exothermic reactions to boil one litre of water, in doing this the reactions’ economic and environmental friendliness were tested and compared. The following exothermic reactions were tested: the combustion of charcoal, the combustion of wood, the combustion of propane gas and the combustion of hydrogen gas. It is important to note that we did as much as possible to carry out all the experiments fairly, however we faced a few difficulties and were not able to complete the hydrogen combustion experiment due to a lack of equipment and a safe environment in which to carry out the experiment. However we can be sure of the outcome (had we continued with the experiment) due to research and the help of Brendon Duke (the Business
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Thank you very much Mark Grave, who not only helped with the entire project (refining the ideas, providing solutions and enthusiastically finding other people to help) but also mentored us. We would also like to thank Carol Grave for her contribution as well as Tracey Killey and Gavin

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