Exotic Animals

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Pets. You either want one or have one. Whether it be a cat, dog, fish, or lion? Owning exotic animals has become more mainstream among Americans over the past few years. These animals can cost a lot of money and could end up becoming dangerous in the later years of their lives. Though others may argue that they are completely safe and innocent creatures, most of them are ravenous without the proper care and training. The fact is that wild animals are wild animals, and they will always have certain instincts that will cause them to do actions on an impulse. Owning an exotic animal is a huge responsibility. Certain animals can only eat certain food, which in the long run will cost the owner a lot of money. Also, they are very impractical creatures…show more content…
“45,000 people die each year in traffic accidents, 47 from lightning and 1,600 by falling down stairs. 1 by captive big cat, 0.81 by captive elephant, and 0 from humanless primate a year.” (REXANO) This is a poorly thought out statement. It compares some of the largest causes of death in America, with a very small amount of the deaths caused by certain exoticly owned pets. The thought of keeping a wild animal in captivity is also very inhumane. Many animal rights activists have to deal with the fact that the REXANO (Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership) supporters, are fighting against what they believe is right. It’s honestly cruel to keep a wild animal in captivity. It doesn 't allow them to grow to their full potential and keeps them from being where they’re naturally meant to be. The keeping of exotic animals is also dangerous for the surrounding environment of where the animal is being held. Many owners become unable to provide for their exotic animals and set them free into the wild. This can lead to overpopulation of an area not yet inhabited by that species. In the case of the burmese python, when it inhabited Florida’s everglades there was not yet a predator able to kill the snake and so it flourished and became the top of the food chain almost immediately. Killing off some of Florida’s most native species and creating a dangerous area that is no longer
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