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The best exotic marigold hotel is made a movie in 2011, a British comedy-drama movie. The movie was written by Ol Parker and directed by John Madden. It is about how a group of British retirees went to India for their retirement. We can see that the characters have new identity against to new culture. Some of the characters had cultural shock in India. As we have seen in the movie, there is still caste system in Indıa and it didn’t allow to marry outside his/her class. India is a crowed, noisy country and what were the experience of 7 British retirees in this country? The main characters are Evelyn, is a widow who sold her house to pay her husband's debts, Douglas, is husband of Jean who hates everything about India, Muriel who is a racist, Graham, is a high court judge who is gay, Norman who wants to feel young and Madge who looks for a rich husband. They traveled to the best exotic marigold hotel from England to India because of a variety of reasons. In the beginning they didn’t like the hotel but then all of them got used to India and hotel except Jean. Evelyn found new job and like Douglas. Graham found his ex-boyfriend and died. Also Norman and Madge found new girl and boyfriend. Jean left the…show more content…
he goes to Hindi for cheaper surgery on the advice of his doctor. it is quite racist. for example, she preferred a British doctor instead of a black person doctor in the hospital. Although she winced the Indian people in the beginning, she started to get used to this situation afterwards. As she spoke to an Indian woman who brought her food, she recognized presence of Muriel’s servant. Because there is a caste system in Indian, the lower class couldn’t speak English with the upper class. Afterward, the Indian woman invited Muriel to her house and offered food. Muriel met another tradition in here. Muriel started to change because of cultural effect. We once again see that the culture is dynamic and influence people's lifestyles in

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