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Normal citizens should not be able to keep dangerous animals as pets. It will be a big responsibility to take. It will cause dangers and diseases to the people who are around the exotic pet. The animals will need to rely on a lot of resources that may possibly be very expensive this could lead the animal neglected and malnourished. By their very nature, the animals are wild and potentially dangerous and do not adjust well to a captive environment. It can affect the animals behavior negatively causing the animal to attack the owner. The exotic pet could become a big responsibility, cause dangers and diseases and need lots of resources. It takes responsibility to raise, provide and train a wild dangerous animal. Some people may not have the…show more content…
Since it is contagious, it could potentially cause a outbreak in the population. According to Do You Really Want A Baby Tiger, “It’s not just big cats, poisonous snakes, and chimpanzees that can be harmful-even smaller exotic pets can cause serious injuries. Exotic pets can also spread diseases to humans (Lewis).” Salmonella, Rabies, Ebola and even the Zoonotic disease can be caused by exotic pets. Salmonella can be caused by reptiles, rabies from a most common cat, ebola are transmitted from monkeys in africa, the zoonotic disease is an infectious disease that can be transmitted from animals to humans. Unsurprisingly, a common mode of transmission is through the pet trade where humans contact animals. According to a REXANO cofounder, “Private owners of wild and exotic animals in the USA have been coming under ever increasing attacks from animal rights (AR) activist and uniformed legislators to end the private ownership of exotics in the name of ‘public safety’(Source 3).” Many large cats such as lions have escaped from their cages and terrorized communities. Several of these incidents have resulted in either serious injury to the persons who came in contact with the animal or the death of the animal or

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