Expectation Gap In Life

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It’s so much easier to say to a child, “You can be whatever you want to be” than, “Reality is harsh and there’s a big chance you’ll never bask in the Limelight.” Yet this mindset that is embedded into a child’s brain leads to high expectations and big disappointments in the future. Of course, like Michael Caine once said, “I’ve always got to have one impossible dream on the back burner.” Despite keeping the hope in a special part of mind I have learned to prevent my unrealistic ambitions from becoming my only goals. My liberation was found only through a tough journey of research, evaluation, self-validation, and discovering who I am. I am not a singer. Ever since a young age, I envisioned my future self as some kind of music star. Different…show more content…
When researching the key to happiness for a class project, various websites had described what is called an ‘expectation gap’ among current adults that prevents happiness. The expectation gap develops when you have set high expectations to achieve an unachievable goal while simultaneously making it your only goal. Many persons attain this gap through setting a goal to be something great in childhood (like a doctor or actor) and allowing it to progress as they get older. The problem with this is that the goals being set are usually based more on chance than work. An illustration of this being showbusiness, as show business only debuts a select few of eligible candidates. As a result, individuals begin validating their worth through their success with this sole…show more content…
I needed some kind of strategy to guide me in such a dark time. So, I resulted to the classic Pros and Cons list. It seemed the Pros side of advancing my singing “career” had mainly consisted of: I’d have something to show off, I could get popular over the internet, I wouldn’t be scared to sing in front of others. And the Cons revolved around having an unhealthy obsession that would limit me from doing anything else in my life whilst crushing my confidence if the results weren’t in my favor. As for the opposing Pros and Cons, it was like living a free life against not being liked by others. Obviously I had a big self-confidence issue I was letting ride on the back of my singing as well.
It wasn’t quite time for a decision to be made yet. I began asking others what they would do in my situation. However, it was not to seek validation for my desired choice, but instead it was to allow a state of open-mindness occur. Welcoming new ideas and feedback really aided my

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