Expectations In A Doll's House

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In today’s world, our parents expect us to behave the way society wants us to. We may not follow this always and may deviate from behaving in the right way. These expectations tempted me to find out the expectations that existed in the Victorian Era. This mainly led me to Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s house. Hence, I chose my research question of “The expectations of society that affect Torvald’s behavior.”
Henrik Ibsen’s past has had a major influence on all his works. His life was filled with debt, poor financial decisions, unstable marriages and the effect of society. It is no coincidence that all his plays are based majorly on the themes of debt, society, marriage and independence. These themes are very boldly stated in one of his novels, A
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At that point of time, women did not have the right to exercise their right to vote as they were considered to be incapable of making rational decisions of that level. The expectations of society were simple: women would have to just stay at home, take care of the children and the house.
Pg 164 shows social life in Norway. Some sense of irony present in the ending lines of the pg. Pg 167 shows relationship between husband & wife. Ibsen uses a lot of “!” in Nora’s speech which shows her bubbly nature.
Display how Torvald is affected by the expectations of society.
Pg 170 shows stycho-mathy, which is one-line dialogues. This displays that Nora doesn’t wish to speak to Krogstad and want him to leave as soon as the conversation is over as her husband is nearby which is why the writer uses one-line dialogues between Nora & Krogstad.
Pg 171 second last dialogue of Nora shows her loyalty towards Helmer regardless of her love for him. Something present in the culture.
Pg 173 Nora: “If my husband finds out….. to do with you.” Shows how naïve Nora is.
Pg 179 Helmer: “It’s generally the fault of the mother, though of course a father can have the same effect.” This shows how women were
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