Estella And Pip's Relationship

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When Pip falls hopelessly in love with Estella, it ultimately changes him for the worse because he tries to reshape everything about himself in order to gain her affection. Pip is introduced as a member of the working class, in dirty, smelly and ragged clothing, and lives at the forge. When he is invited to Satis House, he is amazed by the luxury, beauty, and wealth of Estella’s lifestyle. Pip instantly falls in love with Estella due to her beauty, but Estella makes it clear that she is too good for him and would never associate with a common boy like Pip, Pip ponders his status in life and realizes he needs to change in order to gain Estella’s affection, “my young mind was in that disturbed and unthankful state that I thought long after I…show more content…
As the plot unfolds, it is discovered that Miss Havisham's half-brother and fiancé tricked her into obtaining her money through devious means. When Matthew Pocket noticed these suspicious motives, he warned Miss Havisham of his doubts. Despite the warnings, Miss Havisham was too in love to believe these accusations and was offended that Matthew would jump to these conclusions; she was so displeased with him that she decided that she never wanted to see him again, “she was too haughty and too much in love to be advised by anyone...he warned her that she was doing too much for this man, and was placing herself too unreservedly in his power. She took the first opportunity of angrily ordering my father out of the house, in his presence, and my father has never seen her since” (Dickens 736). Similarly to Pip, because of love she became neglectful and dismissive of her previous relationships. Prior to her obsession with Compeyson, Matthew Pocket and Miss Havisham had a tight-knit bond, which is why Matthew Pocket felt comfortable warning her “that she was doing too much for this man,” by signing over a great deal of her money, and that she was “placing herself too unreservedly in his power,” by becoming vulnerable and being subservient. Because of her extreme choices and alarming behaviors, Matthew knew that she was not thinking clearly and was solely under the influence of her fiancé. With her optimistic and fanciful mindset, Miss Havisham was “too haughty and too much in love” to take any advice as her heart persuaded her to feel like she was making the right decision and that their relationship was authentic. Due to her infatuation with Compeyson, she disregarded what her cousin told her, and “took the first opportunity of angrily ordering my father out of the house,” because she was apalled that
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