Absence Of Religion In The Great Gatsby

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1. How did the absence of religion within the story affect the traits displayed by the characters in terms of immorality? The Great Gatsby touches themes like infidelity, deception, and a number of what people can consider as immoral acts throughout the story. There have been many notions considering the 1920s as an era of radical extremes, economic disparities, division of social classes, and moral callousness. The author wanted to pattern and group the characters in such a way that emphasizes the negative characteristics that was prominently observed within this time period. Levitt (2011), describes Fitzgerald as grouping the characters according to their social differences in order to demonstrate the corruption present within American society. It is a novel of a depressing class struggle. Characters like Tom and…show more content…
It can root from the desire for more money, deception, infidelity, sexual predations as well as greed. Gatsby and Wolfshiem go against the mandated prohibition by selling over the counter alcohol in drug stores, George Wilson is a murderer, Myrtle Wilson cheated on her husband, Tom left Chicago because he was caught up in a scandal that involved his taste for women despite being married, Daisy probably had sex with Gatsby before she was married and then proceeded to have an affair with him when she did get married and then ran over her husband’s mistress, Nick is under the impression that he was completely honest about his narration of the events that happened, and Jordan just could not keep her mouth shut. People will sell themselves at whatever costs to get the things that they want. It never dawns on the individual that the more he gets from the chase, the less he keeps for himself. An example of this is Gatsby himself. He spent the past five years chasing what he had with Daisy, that he lost everything in a single moment of blind desperation for what once
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