Expedia Swot Analysis

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Company Perspectives: Expedia, Inc. is the world's leading online travel service and the eighth largest travel agency in the U.S. Expedia's award-winning Expert Searching and Pricing (ESP) technology delivers the most comprehensive flight options available online. ESP also allows customers to dynamically build complete trips that combine flights, Expedia Special Rate hotels and other lodging, ground transportation, and destination activities. Expedia operates Classic Custom Vacations, a leading wholesaler of premiere vacation packages to destinations such as Hawaii, Mexico, Europe and the Caribbean; and Metropolitan Travel, a corporate travel agency. Travelscape.com, Inc., wholly owned by Expedia, also operates as WWTE, bringing complementary…show more content…
NET calendar represents Improvement in efficiency for its users, this strategy is to attract new and also will help them to keep their existing users loyal, and this strategy is known as to improve internal Efficiency. Expedia was really aggressive and promote itself through various multimedia advertisements by portraying itself as the expert travel advisor which is very clear by their campaign tag line such as "Don't just travel. Travel right," and "Where do you want to go today? Expedia's involvement is in the part of the XP platform Windows Messenger that used to be known as Instant Messenger. The integration of Instant Messenger was able give customers the ability to view itineraries, look for the latest hot deals and check flight status. The whole Passport authentication wallet is a huge benefit for the Expedia customer Expedia’s online advertising strategy included ROS and geo-targeted banners, A-column button ads, mid-page ads, advertorial sections, sweepstakes, featured suppliers (such as cruise lines and destinations), and seasonal, section, and slide-show sponsorships. Offline it carries advertising messages on ticket-jacket inserts and…show more content…
This assignment helped me to understand how businesses is grown by giving specific direction and strategies to it as well as what is required of a business CEO and what difficulties he face in such a huge company. The learning process have been really enriching and opened a whole new dimension to which the understanding of a business strategy and model, providing a structured approach and analysis of the business, the interconnecting relationships of enhancing and delivering value from the business to the consumers, the ideas and ways in which a business can survive and sustain in the competitive and ever-changing environment. This will also mean that the knowledge and skills that are acquired with this learning process can be used to contribute to the society, benefitting the community and businesses, consumer’s altogether. It is also highly recommended to anyone who seeks success in business and

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