Expedition America Book Report

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Expedition America The bubbling, splashing, and crashing of the waves against the hull of the ship, the excitement of a new chapter of life, Arthur and Meredith were about to embark on the most unbelievable journey in their lives. “It’s so hard to believe that this day has finally come, it’s as if we have anticipated the moment to finally voyage overseas for as long as we can remember. I recall talking about our dreams of an expedition to America before we even got married, ” remarked Meredith to Arthur. Living in Italy for their whole life, Arthur and Meredith had become accustomed to the European lifestyle, but they were ready for a change. The Colonel 216 was a ship going on a one way voyage to the newly discovered America bringing…show more content…
Raine and Ashanti found a spot where they sat down and admired the simple beauty of the ocean, something that both Raine and Ashanti would long for when they continue their lives in America as a…show more content…
Arthur was so grateful to be on an amazing journey overseas to start another chapter of life with his love, Meredith. Meredith was trying to be positive and cheerful for such an experience, but there was just something holding her back. Ashanti and Raine, the mother and daughter slave duo they met earlier, had been on her mind. Meredith was sure that there had to be some way that she could help Ashanti get her daughter and herself out of slavery, doesn’t everyone deserve a fair chance at a new chapter in life? Meredith decided that she had to arrange some way to at least give Ashanti and Raine a chance to become free.
“Arthur, I have to help Ashanti and Raine. I have been trying to enjoy myself out here with you, but I just can’t. I feel guilty being so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel overseas to America as a free woman, while innocent people like Ashanti and Raine are onboard, being shipped overseas involuntarily,”
“Sweetheart, I know how much you want to help, but sometimes, you just have to let God take his course on people,” replied
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