Experience Low Self Esteem

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I never thought I would become a confident person, but I finally conquered my insecurities. At fifteen years old, most teenage females experience low self-esteem because they are in the process of discovering themselves and gaining experience. Also, females are very media driven, believing that they have to weigh and look a certain way. I could relate to this to when I was in grade ten, I was an outgoing and friendly person; however, deep down I was just a shy and insecure girl.

I remember how much I loved to dance. My mother repeatedly throughout the years told me the story of how I used to dance in front of a mirror singing into a microphone, which was actually a hair brush. Moreover, this thought years later brings me to a time at school.
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I imagined the feeling that I would feel if I was to ever be on that stage dancing with “the girls” in front of hundreds of classmates watching me dance – for a split second it felt good. The next day at school it was time for lunch break yet again, and as usual, I went to the cafeteria with my friends; however, this time there was something unusual about the atmosphere. A group of girls gathered in the middle of the cafeteria, the tables were moved to the side, a radio played the same song repeatedly, and the pretty twelfth grade girls with nice bodies were teaching choreography. They had the type of body I’d always wished to have. I kept ignoring any conversation with my friends that related to the dance squad team because I did not want to admit to the insecurities that were running through my mind – I pretended that I didn’t want to be on the dance squad, but deep down inside it is all I thought about. It is all I wanted, and that is what I did.

Suddenly, I gathered enough confidence (with a lot of encouragement from my friend Ashley) and told myself I will just try out for the dance squad team. By then, a week had already passed, and the girls who signed up had already learned the choreography. I felt as if I would be too behind, and that I wouldn’t be capable of learning the choreography on time. Doubts started to arise, but I did not want to give up if I had already come this
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We were waiting to show what we know and to hopefully make it on the dance squad team. I started feeling extremely nervous and hoped not to make a mistake. I wanted to qualify on the dance squad team because I would be devastated if I hadn’t. In a room filled with chatter and screaming, my name was called out so I gathered my strength and energy, and went out onto the dance floor. I danced to the song that I had been practicing, and before I knew it I was done. I felt accomplished. I was happy that I danced directly in front of someone for the first time in my
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