Explanatory Essay On 'Superman And Me'

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Explanatory Essay 2 Reading is a beneficial thing in many ways and these two writers have benefited greatly from having experience reading it has given them want for more than just what is expected of them by others. When these two authors speak of the impacts reading has had over their lives they speak of how they have plans to strive and be their own person. During the first story of “Superman and Me” they author specifically talks of how the other Indian children around him “submissively duck their heads when confronted by non-Indian adults” this describes not only the fear they held but also how they were viewed. While non-Indian children could freely speak and be comfortable the Indian children feels out of place if they are not in the company of their people. Throughout their lives the Indians children such as Sherman are expected to fail by the non-Indians and they normally satisfied this opinion it says in the sixth paragraph that they were expected to be stupid then supports this saying that “most lived up to those expectations”.…show more content…
While teaching the Indian students of his community years’ later Sherman still speaks of seeing some and he says “they stare out the window they refuse and resist”. When these students do so he sees it as not an opportunity to fail he wants to give them the gift he had he tells them of the “Books” he had and of how he is “trying to save our lives”. When he says these words it is somewhat of an exaggeration no the Indian population will not die without reading and education but the lives they live will continue to be bland and uniform as they always have. Finally he does this because he knows what reading done for him how his life now because of it is what he wants not what he is told he can
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