Experiential Consumerity

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Experiential value and brand loyalty

Research on consumer technology has primarily focused on technology acceptance behaviour (Swilley, 2010), consumer innovativeness (Blythe, 1999) and other personal or product characteristics (Hirunyawipada, 2006). These studies have focused on the hedonic aspects of consuming technology and not much has been researched on the experiential aspects of it. The role of creating consumer value through experience is not limited to just companies like Disney World or Hard Rock Café, marketers of technology products are stressing on the value of the experience their products/brands is able to create for the customer. (Holbrook M. , 2009) “Experience our technology!” is the new mantra for technology products.
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Consumers appreciate product designs as much as they value functionality in technology products (Chitturi, 2008). (Holbrook M. &., 1982) studied experiential aspect of consumer behaviour like imagery, aesthetics and feelings arising from consumption. Currently companies recognise this and stress on making their products more aesthetically pleasing (Kaplan, 2009) and building an emotional connection with consumers, this can be done by making their technology products and brands a part of the consumers’ lifestyle. (Brown A. , 2010) (McCarthy, 2004) explained that a consumer’s experience with technology products is not restricted to only user-technology interaction but all aspects of the product and service perceived by the consumer. Such multi-dimensional values could be extrinsic or intrinsic in nature (Silvester, 2010). Based on (Holbrook M. , The nature of customer value: An axiology of services in the consumption experience. In R.T. Rust & R.L. Oliver (Eds.), Service Quality: New Directions in Theory and Practice, 1994) value framework (Mathwick, 2001) developed four dimensions of experiential value namely aesthetics, playfulness, service excellence, and customer ROI. On similar lines (Sweeney, 2001) developed four distinct value dimensions namely emotional, social, quality/performance, and…show more content…
These can be bucketed into the four higher-order dimensions mentioned before.
1. Customer return on investment (CROI): - this is an extrinsic value that stems from the use of a product. If a consumer thinks that the technology product provides them psychological, behavioural, or financial return, then they perceive CROI value.
2. Service excellence: - it is a reactive appreciation of a product’s ability to perform some functions. If a product delivers on its promise through its performance, service excellence value is perceived. This value is of great importance when consumers recognise excellence even without consuming the product based on prior experience
3. Playfulness: - When consumers actively consume a technology product for the joy of using it or for the sake of their pleasure this value is perceived.
4. Aesthetics: - it is an intrinsic and reactive value that is perceived when a consumer appreciates the products in terms of its
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