Experiential Marketing Case Study

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Augmented reality and experiential marketing:
Augmented reality interactive technologyusing image interactivity techniquesprovides such unique benefits and experiential values to the consumers that it leads to enhance their willingness to use or to interact with this technology again and again (Fiore et al., 2005).Experiential value enables companies and large retailers to develop and maintain sustainable relationships between consumers and brands. This experiential value has four basic types such as playfulness, excellent services provided to consumers, return which consumers get on their effort, resources and time they put and aesthetics (Mathwicket al., 2001).Augmented reality and potential variables are the provision of Information about
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The one is functional and the other is emotional value to the customers functional value focuses on the all the functional aspects of the product while emotional value depends on brand attitude because all marketing campaigns communicate the brands attitude to the customers (Geissler and Zinkha, 1998).Communicating positive brand attitude is the core objective of all marketing communications as it has the direct influence on the purchase intentions of the target audience towards brand and to create customer satisfaction ( Bulearca, 2000).Many clothing retailer using augmented reality for their products and facilitate online fittings (Kim and Forsythe, 2008). through augmented reality consumer feel they are in physical store or try clothes and experience by simply input their personal characteristics like face shape, hair or skin color and body figure in augmented reality interactive technology, thus save time and energy excel the conventional means of viewing clothes pictures and imaging how it would appear on one self (Tang et al., 2004).Augmented realityhas been used in marketing campaigns in a variety of ways. That one way can be seen as experiential marketing.Augmented reality experiential marketing plays an important role to create customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, intentions and positive word of mouth as well.Apart from that it is also very much beneficial for the…show more content…
In addition Augmented Reality is also have an impact of User experience even before indulging in buying process (Bulearca and Tamarjan, 2010).Technology that combines virtual world with physical or real world currently observing rapid growth globally specifically in Asia, Western Europe, and North America. Many millions are using augmented reality technology and this rate is gradually increasing (Shane Pase 2010).Digital era and with the invention of interactive technology customer engagement with immersive reality and response toward the brand activities has changed entirely (Hoffman and Novak, 1996; Yadav and Pavlou, 2014).According to the facts of Markets and Markets 2015 augmented reality industry anticipated to approach $56.8 billion by 2020 and estimating to earn $120 billion revenue .Accessibility and Enriched augmented reality applications have significant impact as it is very new in marketing and because of limited approachability to the head-mounted displays and goggles these applications have so far been rare. Clear and enhanced image of a person can be view example Google Glass or Hololens (Javornik,
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