Experiment: Soda Carbon Dioxide And Propulsion Relation Experiment

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Soda Carbon Dioxide and Propulsion Relation Experiment For this assessment we had to solve and answer problem by designing a fair and accurate experiment. Sodas and carbonated drinks are one of the many things we see in our life. Our group has looked into carbonated drinks and how they work. However, we did not know the answer to one question: Which soda is more carbonated? Our research question is: Does a different type of soda increase or decrease the distance of its liquid propelled? Before I get into the method and details, we need to know some background information. Why do fizzy drinks fizz and why do fizzy drinks explode when shaken. Fizzy drinks fizz since the producers put a large amount of carbon dioxide into the container, this is the reason why you hear gas being released when you open a fizzy drink. They explode since there are still extra carbon dioxide at the top of the container, when shaken, the fizzy drink mixes with the carbon dioxide at the top and other small bubbles stay on the walls of the container. When opened, the gas try to escape from the bubbles in the soda, shooting the soda up. This is…show more content…
The control variables include the amount of fizzy drinks, the time placed in the freezer, the location we stand when testing, the time we shake the cans, the effort we shake the cans(slowly, medium, hard) and many others. We can manipulate the independent variable by exchanging or replacing the soda type by another soda type. We will measure the propelling of the soda by shaking the can and measuring the distance the soda propels when opening. Finally, we are able to manipulate the controlled variables by buying different kinds of containers such as bottles or cans, change the time set placed in the freezer, changing the location by picking another spot, change how much effort you put into shaking the

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