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The goal of this experiment was to see which forms of turkey would yield the most microbes. Our hypothesis was that the turkey exposed to more was going to yield the most microbes. My prediction was that the raw chunk turkey and the non-organic sliced turkey was going to have the most microbes. To my surprise, the Inspirations deli turkey from Hannaford had the most microbes in both experiments. Experiment 1 began with obtaining 5 different samples of turkey that had all been cooked and prepared differently. The samples included: Inspirations deli turkey from Hannaford supermarkets, turkey bacon, turkey jerky from Whole Foods, Inspirations ground turkey from Hannaford, and a raw whole chunk slice of turkey breast form Whole Foods. The hypothesis for these different forms of turkey was that the raw turkey would carry the most microbes because it was uncooked and had to be cut and processed before it was packaged. To test this, we put each sample of turkey though the dilution series explained above in the methods…show more content…
This table presents the information in colony factoring units per gram, or CFU/G. To obtain this number, a series of calculations were conducted. Beginning with the total number of colonies in each dilution, this number was divided by 0.1. Then the number found from the division explained previously was then multiplied by 10 to the power of n, where n was the number in the dilution set. For example: dilution 4 would solved using the answer to the division problem and multiplying by 10 to the 4th power. This number is known as the colony factoring unit per gram for that single dilution. These calculations were conducted for each dilution in each turkey sample, which was then plugged into a chart where the mean and standard deviation were found as shown in table 1. Figure 2, shown below shows the average CFU/G for each turkey

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