Expert Action Badge Essay

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This paper will give you a brief synopsis on the Expert Action Badge. It will go into detail on the implementation of the Expert Action Badge. The paper also describes some of the Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills associated with the Expert Action Badge, as well as some of the additional criteria required competing for the Expert Action Badge. Details describing on how to implement and train to the standard of Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills, but also the five mission essential tasks that the Brigade Commander has to choose to be tested on as well, that will ensure his unit readiness will be explained.

Expert Action Badge
In today's time, Warrior Task and Battle Drills are vital to the everyday Army. With most of the Brigade Combat Teams and Combat Aviation Brigades lacking in skill level one, two, three, and four tasks, the Army is and will be implanting the Expert Action Badge. In this paper, it will go over what is required of achieving the Expert Action Badge, criteria for training requirements, who wanted to implement the Expert Action Badge, and why they thought it would be
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It was also said why the Expert Action Badge was being created and the many reasons behind the badge, and how the creator of the Expert Action Badge said it will not be a participation trophy, but will have the same standards as the Expert Infantry Badge, and the Expert Medical Badge. This paper also covered that the Army was lacking in certain areas and the Command Sergeant Major saw and took input from his Soldiers and peers to fix the problem. The Expert Action Badge will not only sharpen the Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills of each individual Soldier and Leader, but also will have lasting third and fourth order effects bringing back many things, such as Sergeants time
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