Expert Advice: 9 Essentials For Wilderness Survival

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Zombies love to eat human brains. Know how to survive while being in a zombie apocalypse. “Expert Advice: 9 Essentials for Wilderness Survival” by Suzie Hockmeyer and “Survival Essentials: What matters Most” by Filip Tkaczyk, outline what is needed for survival outside of normal life. These skills could be applied to a Zombie Apocalypse. In order to survive a Zombie Apocalypse one may need a food, a knife, and a first aid kit. The first essential item needed to survive a Zombie Apocalypse is food. In “Survival Essentials: What Matters Most” by Filip Tkaczyk he states, “ Snack bars or dehydrated food can provide a boost in energy in survival situations.” During a Zombie Apocalypse you are going to be running for your life and you need a lot
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