Expert System: Advantages And Benefitations Of A Computer System

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An Expert System is a computer program, which simulates the human behavior. The system imitates the interaction a user can have with a human expert to solve a complex problem. An Expert System solves problems and makes decision based on the knowledge of the task and logical rules for using knowledge, obtained from the expertise in the area. The Expert Systems can make financial forecasts, scheduling routes for vehicles and diagnose human illness. This paper discusses about the hierarchical process of developing an Expert System as well as applications, advantages and its limitations. In addition, this paper shows the current research trends that are being carried out in the field of Expert Systems.

1 Introduction:

All Artificial Intelligence programs are essentially reasoning programs. An Expert System is considered as a branch in the category of AI. The Expert System is also known as “Knowledge-based system” or “Expert Computing system”. It is the first commercial system to use knowledge-based architecture. An Expert System matches the decision-making ability of a human expert and viewed as a computer simulation of a human expert. The Expert Systems helps to solve wide range of complex problems in domains such as medicine, mathematics, engineering, chemistry, computer science, business, defense and education. The Expert

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