Social Research Ethics

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Ethical Considerations when conducting social research Question 1: Describe ethical issues associated with conducting research with culturally diverse, socially disenfranchised, and vulnerable populations. As students and practitioners of Social Work; national and personified codes demonstrate the importance of; personal autonomy and self-determination, with protections of vulnerable populations, with promotion of social welfare and equity for all. Including provisions upholding ethical standards and considerations when researching culturally diverse, socially disenfranchised and vulnerable populations (Gostin, 1991). Ethically speaking; researchers should treat individuals fairly with relevance and unbiased selection. Keeping all participants…show more content…
When engaging people as partners, the relational outcomes are built with strength and purpose, that result in restoring, maintaining and enhancing outcomes for positive change within individuals, families, organizations, and communities. By building such collaborations and rapport, clients may feel more incentive to join in not only the helping process, but research studies, feedback systems, or community outreach projects (Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers,…show more content…
With aspirations of contribution to the knowledge base within this profession. Without research measures and hypothesis, how can we match the needs of our everchanging cliental. Research measures will time consuming and tedious help us to; understand who is in need, evolve within our practices, advocate for necessary services and needs and to keep an eye on the future of our practice and policy (Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers, 2017). References Bonevski, Randell, Paul, Chapman, Twyman,Bryant, Brozek,and Hughes. (2014). Reaching the hard-to-reach: a systematic review of strategies for improving health and medical research with socially disadvantaged groups. BioMed Central Medical Research Methodology, 14-42. Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers. (2017). Retrieved from Gostin, L. (1991). Ethical Principles for the Conduct of Human Subject Research: Population-Based Research and Ethics . The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics , 191-201. Keteian, S. (2015). Ethical considerations in research. Focus on vulnerable groups. . Investigacion & Educacion en Enfermeria,
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