Gender Inequality: A Sociological Analysis

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There are several different sociological theories that help explain gender and gender inequality. Some of these theories are the structural-functional theory, the symbolic-interaction theory, the social-conflict theory and the intersection theory. All of these theories help to explain gender inequality, but there are limitations to each approach. The first theory is the structural-functional theory, this theory explains that the differences between men and women is what shapes society. Each gender has specific roles that help to create a balanced society. Through this theory, we can see how each different gender relies on the other to fill the roles they are meant to provide. By leaning on one another, we create a society where everyone has…show more content…
This theory explains that gender causes conflict because of the inequality it brings between males and females. Males are the part of the society who have all of the power and women are seen as the weak link. Women were taught for a long time that they are to obey their husbands, because they are the ones who are in charge of the relationship and their family. Women were seen as care takers of the family because men wanted to make sure that their children were being raised correctly, so they made that the job of their wives, “Therefore, wealthy men devised the family as a way to control both property and the sexuality of women, who were to remain faithful and raise a man’s children” (Macionis 2018: 4.4). As the industrial revolution came in, women were depended on to take care of their family and their home, because men were busy working long hours. Women had no say in whether or not they wanted a career for themselves, because the norm of society was that they were house wives and they couldn’t disobey the norms. One critic of the social-conflict theory is that not everyone sees these gender differences as a problem, there are still families out there who live like this and are happy and work together well, because they’re working together to support and raise their families. Although times have changed, gender inequality is still strong today, women are still seen as being inferior to men and lack the opportunities men have with education, careers, and
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