Explain How A Structure And Culture Affect The Performance Of An Organization

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1.0 How a structure and culture affect the performance of an organization
Effect of organizational structure and culture on the performance of an organization
Organizational structure shows how jobs tasks are formally divided, grouped and coordinated
Org structure will help the business to have a degree of specialization, which means task in the organization will be subdivided into separate jobs. This
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For e example if a company have a organizational structure it will mention who are the heads of the organization so it will be helpful to workers who are working in the organization to identify from whom they should take the supervision or to whom they are responsible

Culture shows how people used to do things in an organization or system of shared meanings. This is what differentiate one business from the other businesses. Culture decide how employees interact at the workplace. So simply it is a glue which holds everything together in an organization
For an example in larger hierarchical organizations there is a role culture where individuals have a clear role to perform
So ultimately culture and the organizational structure will have a much impact on the performances of an organization.so I believe in order to achieve higher targets the company should have the right culture and the right structure.

Merits and Demerits of different organizational structures and cultures

Structure Merits

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